Environmental Management System

Posted: 17 January 2014

ISO 14001 has been achieved by Village Glass in 2013 primarily to assist with a framework for better management control that can result in reducing our environmental impact. In addition to improvements in performance, Village Glass and its customers can reap a number of economic benefits including higher conformance with legislative and regulatory requirements by adopting this ISO standard.

As an internationally recognized standard, Village Glass’s customers operating in multiple locations across the UK can leverage our conformance to ISO 14001, demonstrating to their clients that they are purchasing IG Units from a progressive environmentally aware IG Unit manufacturer.

There has been a push in the last decade by consumers, for companies to adopt better internal controls, making the incorporation of ISO 14001 a smart approach for the long term viability of businesses. This can provide them with a competitive advantage against companies that do not adopt the standard. It can lead to improved public perceptions of the business, placing them in a better position to operate in the national marketplace.

The use of ISO 14001 can demonstrate an innovative and forward thinking approach to customers and prospective employees. It can increase a business’s access to new customers and business partners. 

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